May 2019

  • Dimensions and Haskell: Introduction
    A review of matrix and numerical libraries in order to understand which array libraries are useful for machine learning in Haskell and which approaches to type-level natural numbers might be applied to safe matrix dimensions.
  • What Remote Workers Do in Their Free Time. Part II
    When working remotely, one has to be serious about time management, especially when it comes to spare time. An interesting hobby allows spending it with pleasure. In this post, we keep talking about the hobbies of the Serokell team members.
  • The Problem of Intermediate Recursively Enumerable Turing Degrees
    The Turing degree of a set of natural numbers is a concept from computer science and mathematical logic that is a measure of the level of algorithmic unsolvability of the set. This post carries you deeper into the problem of the undecidable languages and the halting problem.
  • What Remote Workers Do in Their Free Time. Part I
    Serokell team members love to spend their spare time actively and make good use of it. These people are fond of cycling, video gaming, learning foreign languages and assembling hi-end audio amplifiers. In this blog post, we will focus on our hobbies.