October 2019

  • telegram blockchain competition serokell
    TON: Is Haskell More Fun than FunC?
    We participated in the Blockchain Developer competition announced by the Telegram Open Network team. Here is what we submitted as our entry and what we learned while working on it.
  • best haskell open source projects
    10 Haskell Open-Source Projects
    Exploring Haskell open-source projects can teach you a lot about functional programming. They help you to grasp the syntax of the language and see how real programming tasks are solved even if you have zero working experience. That is why we’ve chosen 10 popular programs from GitHub written in Haskell for you to study and enjoy.
  • top software written in haskell
    Software Written in Haskell: Stories of Success
    This post is a collection of great projects written in Haskell, which unearths the benefits of Haskell that the majority knows nothing about.
  • Stay Tuned: Best Haskell Sources to Subscribe
    Stay Tuned: Best Haskell Resources to Follow
    Aside from various courses and books, your self-education can be supplemented by following the bright heads of the Haskell world. For some ideas, we want to share the sources that enable us to keep our hands on the pulse.