Hiring: Middle Frontend Engineer

Alexandra Voicehovska
July 26th, 2021
1 min read

Serokell is a fast-growing, fully-remote software development company that works on innovative solutions for complex problems. We’re packed full with adventurous, curious, and inclusive folks that want to build cutting-edge software with modern technologies like functional programming.

We’re searching for a Middle Frontend Engineer with React and TypeScript experience that would help us create new web pages and applications for us and our clients.


Candidates should have 2+ years of experience working in production with:

  • HTML5 & CSS3 (including things like BEM, CSS Flexbox, CSS Grid, adaptive design).
  • Modern JavaScript up to ES10. (You should be familiar with things like promise/async/await, fetch, let/const, document.querySelector[All], for…of/for…in, import/require.)
  • PostgreSQL.
  • React.
  • TypeScript.

By joining Serokell, you’ll become a part of a warm community of ingenious engineers, computer scientists, designers, marketing experts, and other inventive people. You will be able to take part in ambitious projects that work on building the next generation of computer software, try out crazy initiatives unhindered by bureaucracy or judgment, and have fun in our Slack channels that range from #music to #butthurt (did we mention the huge custom emoji set?).

If you’re ready for the adventure of your life, contact us via email: jobs@serokell.io.

Hiring: Middle Frontend Engineer
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