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Serokell is an experienced team of software engineers with expertise in machine learning, mathematical statistics, and data science. We apply our knowledge of AI to provide you with the best solution for business transformation.

Key machine learning development services

Accelerate digital transformation and improve operational efficiency with advanced machine learning technologies.
Computer Vision
ML services: computer visionML services: computer vision
Increase the efficiency of your visual data analysis and security surveillance with Serokell developers. We can design cutting-edge ML algorithms that are capable of processing and analyzing real-world visual data in real time for visual sensing, object labeling, face and gesture recognition.
Natural Language Processing (NLP)
ML services: NLPML services: NLP
Push your business forward to smart automation with digital assistants, smart search systems, voice-to-speech and speech-to-voice transformation, spam detection, automatic text labeling, style transfer, or a machine translation system. Our team will create NLP solutions to make your company's workflow effective.
Conversational AI/Chatbots
AI consulting servicesAI consulting services
Driven by effective deep learning algorithms, advanced self-learning chatbots let you answer thousands of user requests simultaneously. Serokell machine learning consultants have plenty of experience in using machine learning and artificial intelligence to design conversational AI apps from scratch.
Business Intelligence
ML for businessML for business
Our developers are experts in developing BI machine learning solutions for helping businesses to gather, understand, and visualize their data. We will automate your decision-making and boost business efficiency with insightful business intelligence data management.
Recommender systems
machine learning consulting machine learning consulting
Serokell engineers can analyze your processes and develop an ML-based recommendation system to increase your conversion rate.
ML consulting
machine learning consulting companymachine learning consulting company
Our machine learning consultants will carefully study your business and propose a seamless plan of ML technology integration. Serokell machine learning consulting services help businesses automate internal processes and visualize the data with interactive dashboards, highlighting trends and critical points to increase customer satisfaction.
machine learning engineers

Our ML tech stack


Frequently asked questions

Some of the assets, which can be optimized with ML technologies:

  • Process customer requests in seconds.
  • Provide personalized recommendations in real-time.
  • Send individualized offers based on customer behavior data analytics; monitor client profiles to recognize and reduce fraud risks.
  • Calculate stock liquidity, predict sales volumes, and optimize warehouse flow.

Implement machine learning automation for your business if you don’t want to lag behind your competitors.

Revolutionize your business with smart digital solutions for decision making with real-time data representation.

Our ML scientists can help you to:

  • Elaborate a methodology that describes customer data collection for customer behavioral analysis.
  • Deploy recommendation systems that automatically create personalized offers for each customer.
  • Build an algorithm for lead qualification that classifies leads based on the available data in your CRM.
  • Create an automated reporting system for dynamic electronic document storage that reduces operational costs.

A machine learning consultant is someone who can help you elaborate an artificial intelligence strategy for your business.

They help you:

  • Collect and structure the data, and identify important insights.
  • Research what ML algorithms and tools need to be used to automate your business processes.
  • Increase revenue with better targeting via recognition of customer behavior patterns.
  • Deploy an GDPR compliant ML solution that does not compromise on security, data privacy, and reliability of the whole system.

Let us help your business grow with smart ML solutions.

Empowering business with AI solutions

Use artificial intelligence and ML solutions with clear ROI for cost optimization, business automation, and better decision-making based on advanced analytics. We offer our clients a choice of working mode in order to make it the most convenient for them.
Fixed price model
A fixed-price contract contains the estimation of hours and the scope of work that needs to be done. Based on this estimation, we calculate the price. After the contract is signed, we do not issue additional invoices for extra work if there are no changes to the technical scope.
Time and material model
In T&M, the customer pays for the services of the contractor based on person-hours, additionally reimbursing the costs of the materials used. Payment is made not for the end result, but for the work process. The work is carried out in short stages which provides for maximum flexibility.
Dedicated team
If you hire Serokell developers as your dedicated team, it means that we will provide you with our services as if we were your in-house team. We compose a team that will always be at your service according to the required skill set. The collaboration is usually long-term or iterated.
machine learning engineers

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ML and
for every

ML in education
Machine learning is what lies behind personalized learning and effective knowledge assessment.
ML in healthcare
ML in healthcare enables you to process big visual and numerical data for more accurate diagnosis.
ML in iot
Machine learning is used for smart devices to boost the quality of life of your clients.
ML in telecom
Use custom AI systems for data analytics, spam detection, call-answers automation.
ML in robotics
Machine learning is necessary to guarantee seamless human-robot interaction.
ML in fintech
Apply AI to detect fraud and predict stock market fluctuations in banks and fintech institutions.
ML in ecommerce
Use machine learning to increase conversions, run more effective marketing campaigns, and improve in-house operational efficiencies.

Trustworthy partnership

Machine learning process goes through certain stages: from the research of business requirements to data preparation and modelling.

Our development team will be your reliable partner along the way.

Safety and Security

Security, stability, maintainability are no less important than functional requirements. The software reliability department works together with software engineers to make the solution scalable, easy to deploy, and flexible for further upgrades and modernization.

Quality Assurance

QA is critical to the success of the entire project. Therefore, these activities are part of each of our ML projects:

Durability/load/stress testing.

Unit tests and functional black-box testing.

General check for sustainability, invulnerability, and nonsusceptibility.

why choose machine learning software development

Why choose Serokellfor your ML project development

Here are some of the reasons why clients select us for the implementation of ML technologies
Proven expertise in the domains of data science, applied mathematics, and AI
Adherence to the best practices when collecting and exploring data
Dedicated team of experts that work exclusively on your project
Accelerated product delivery with DevOps
5+ years of successful project implementation across different domains
Value-for-money services and flexible models of cooperation

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With our machine learning development services, you can easily create products that will help you profit and grow your business.
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