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Elevate your coding expertise with Serokell's functional programming courses. Learn cutting-edge techniques that drive modern software development.

Our courses

Ultimate Monad Tutorial

Welcome to the world of monads, a fundamental concept in functional programming. Designed for both beginners and experienced programmers, this Haskell course provides a step-by-step exploration of monads and teaches how they can be effectively used in various programming languages.

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Everyday Optics

This Haskell course explores the practical applications of optics in programming, covering popular encodings, problem-solving, naming conventions, and techniques. You will learn how to use optics to work with JSON and manipulate lenses, as well as employ specific data libraries.

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Everyday Extensions

Navigate the wilderness of programming extensions with this perfectly practical course in the Haskell language. In it, we explain some commonly used extensions and look at Haskell libraries that require them. By the end of the course, you won’t be blindly copying extensions from one module to another but will carry them along with awareness.

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Our video content

Functional Futures

Functional Futures is a podcast where we interview people shaping the future of functional programming. From compiler programmers juggling parsers, lexers, and type theory to software developers working on industry-grade libraries and codebases, we have something for every FP enthusiast out there.


We at Serokell use functional programming and DevOps practices for effective development and maintenance. On our YouTube channel, we share first-hand experience and explain both Haskell and broader FP concepts. Delve into the beauty of type systems and lazy evaluation. Gain knowledge and have fun!

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