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Gain competitive advantage and become an industry leader with end-to-end financial software development services by Serokell.

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Serokell‘s expert team offers a full spectrum of financial software development. We also provide IT advisory services to speed up digital transformation for the fintech industry.

Payment gateways

Serokell develops payment gateways from scratch and provides integrations with existing ones. They allow you to offer clients comprehensive payment options via smartphones, digital wallets, or other contactless devices. Payment gateways process transactions by receiving data from a customer and forwarding it to a merchant's bank account.

Compliance & security consulting

Our team offers security assessments and financial software audits for any payment service. This allows you to detect vulnerabilities and bugs. Ensure the security of data, check GDPR and KYC/AMP compliance, and mitigate the risks of fraud with the support of Serokell’s IT auditors.

Financial advisory

We develop chatbots that facilitate investment and fund movement. By introducing ML and neural networks for fintech data analysis, we revolutionize the work of professional financial advisors. A custom designed bot will respond to your clients’ queries 24/7. You will be able to provide data on current stock prices, currency fluctuations, and market trends, as well as give consultations based on historical figures and make forecasts.

Customer behavior analysis

Serokell develops financial analytics platforms that process ever-increasing amounts of data without compromising system performance. Flexible AI tools for customer behavior analysis integrate data from multiple sources and help identify motivations and influencers to better predict preferences/responses and behavior.

BaaS Integration

BaaS, or banking as a service solution, allows your business to operate as an independent financial organization. Order BaaS integration or white-label banking from Serokell and get connected directly to the international banking system via an API. Facilitate your infrastructure with advanced payment and/or credit services without the need for a banking license. Let your customers make the purchase on your platform and conveniently process the payment through familiar interfaces.

Trading analytics platforms

Equip your platform with powerful analytics tools. Integrate technical screeners, advanced AI-powered charts, and trading bots into your trading platform to measure the current market conditions and compare results against historical benchmarks. Develop breakthrough trading apps that help your traders make informed decisions based on a strong analytical foundation.

Financial platforms

Modern financial platforms simplify and democratize investing in stock trading and mutual funds. Such all-in-one online investment solutions allow users to explore the market and trade in various assets such as gold, stocks, derivatives, etc. Realize your vision of an advanced fintech platform with the help of Serokell developers. Make investing easy for thousands of users and get public recognition while growing your business.

Why partner with a fintech software developer

Today, financial services go hand-in-hand with technology. As a fintech software developer, Serokell provides consulting services to help fintech companies maintain their edge in the highly competitive field where innovation is a must for success.

We also provide the expertise to guarantee that digital financial services meet specific requirements and regulations and include the necessary security and privacy protection features.

Why partner with a fintech software developer

Fintech projects we have
worked on

Omega Media

Serokell designed a fully-fledged financial system to exchange fiat money for bitcoin with KYC (know your customer) compliance for the digital marketing and consulting agency Omega Media.


We developed a recommendation system that evaluates user returns over time for their multiple portfolios. It analyzes trends and suggests profitable strategies for buying/selling mutual funds from several AMCs to achieve an optimal balance between assets and liabilities and optimize ROI.


We helped a banking client with credit scoring and developed an ML-based model to improve user profiling and outlier detection, which resulted in the improvement of vital metrics.

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Why choose us for financial software development

Experience & expertise

Serokell's team has extensive experience in the fintech sector. This enables us to develop comprehensive financial software solutions.

Advanced technologies

We use functional programming languages to design customized fintech solutions. We develop scalable and flexible banking and financial apps that can be easily adjusted to new requirements.

Market expertise

We have designed robust and scalable financial software for a wide range of companies, from startups to large multinationals.

Build fintech software from scratch

The future of your digital finance starts here. We design new technologies based on your business vision. We build custom financial software that ensures fast and secure transactions and is stable in peak loads.

Step 1

We start with first principles thinking. After analyzing the goals of the product, we develop an implementation plan for building a new financial platform. We can also design tooling that turns your company into a banking service provider for non-financial companies.

Step 2

Together with the client, we develop an SRS for the financial application, where operational efficiency and security of personal data are among the most important requirements. We translate business goals into a successful financial platform. Additionally, we can integrate DLT and cryptographic algorithms to protect operations from external observers while providing fundamental speed of operation and data protection.

Step 3

As a collaborative team, we discuss and prioritize each of the fintech product features needed. Then, our developers proceed to product development and deployment.

Step 4

Our team provides continuous maintenance and technical support, designs new features for the financial software systems, shares its knowledge with the client’s staff, and is always there when the partner needs help.

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Other services that we do great

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Which technologies are used in the fintech sector?

The technologies used in the fintech industry include blockchain, internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), robotic process automation, security, cloud computing, etc. They are employed in the development of financial apps, smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, and wallets. Artificial intelligence (AI) is widely utilized to detect fraud, make predictions, and derive trends.

How much time is needed to design a financial software solution?

This largely depends on the features you want. The MVP (minimum viable product) contains predefined features and thus can be created in a few weeks. It’s very useful for a quick market test. In the next update, it can be polished into a more complicated version with a convenient user interface and more features, prioritized based on real customer feedback. Developing a full product from scratch can take months.

What is a fintech API integration?

Application programming interfaces (APIs) are tools that allow software applications to communicate between each other. An API integration enables an exchange of data between two or more applications. Through a transaction API integration, a fintech service or app can access consumer-permissioned transaction data from months and even years ago.

Why partner with a fintech software developer

Build your financial software with us

In today’s economy, keeping up with the demands of your business is more important than ever. Serokell provides end-to-end financial software development services to help you build unique fintech solutions.

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