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Build better infrastructure together with one of the leading Nix DevOps companies.

One of the main advantages of Nix is that its builds are highly replicable. Two people building the same package with the same build inputs should get the same outcome. This helps eliminate issues where something works on one machine and fails elsewhere.
With Nix and its deep set of integrations, you can have a single approach to all your software projects instead of using a set of language-specific version managers.
Packages that are built with the same inputs will have the same hashes in their name (computed on the inputs), and if you need a package with certain inputs, you can just use a package with the hash of those inputs.

Nix is your toolkit for superior DevOps experience

Nix is a package manager and a functional programming language that this package manager uses. It features reproducible builds, cross-distro and -platform compatibility, as well as nixpkgs – a large collection of packages maintained by thousands of contributors.

The main feature of the Nix package manager is its unique way of isolating builds. It’s pure and deterministic: with the same build inputs, the builds will function the same every time. This helps eliminate dependency hell and lets us create reliable and replicable packages.

Why we’re your best choice for a Nix team

We have an entire department dedicated to researching the best Nix DevOps practices and applying them to our and our clients’ projects. If you need Nix engineers that know what they’re doing, you can count on us. We have been working with the technology for over 5 years, and have extensive production experience.


Our company was founded only a few years after the release of Nix 1.0 and has been growing together with it since then. As such, our team has close to unrivaled experience in working with the technology.


We pursue the newest innovations in the Nix ecosystem (such as Nix flakes), test them, and adapt them for use in large-scale production projects. When working with Serokell, you get the benefit of our previous work with no exploration cost.


We have been making regular contributions to Nix open-source projects since our foundation. This lets us keep a finger on the pulse and discover the best ways of working with Nix.

How we can help you

Building & packaging

Building & packaging

We can set up processes and infrastructure for building multi-platform packages for your software project.



We’ll make sure new packages are deployed and run correctly on all of your systems.



We can set up and manage infrastructure, including things like CI/CD, testing & development environments, and more.



We’ll help you maintain your current infrastructure through regular audits, checkups, and monitoring.



We’ll analyze your current state of operations and create a list of improvements that will help you get your operations to the next level.

DevOps training

DevOps training

We’ll help your organization improve its operations processes & methodology and establish a culture of DevOps by hosting regular training sessions.

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How we work

From idea to execution

We’ll assist you in each step of building software development: from finalizing ideas and creating specifications to development, deployment, and maintenance.

Dedicated development teams

We’ll put together a dedicated team of developers with the relevant skill sets. If you need, you can quickly scale your team up or down according to necessity.

Full-stack capabilities

Our expertise covers every part of software development. Frontend or backend development, DevOps, or QA, we have people that can help you achieve your goals.
Feature improvements for a cache hosting platform that helps share binaries between development, CI, and deployment environments.
We contributed to Tezos, one of the top open-source blockchain platforms. Our contributions include two smart contract languages made with Haskell, a set of developer and testing tools, packaging solutions, and multiple smart contracts.
Our team developed a data analysis application for biotech researchers.
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Nix solutions

  • CI/CD
  • Reproducible testing environments
  • Reliable developer tools
  • Self-hosted services
  • Package management automation
  • Nix QA testing services

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