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Enhance reliability and safety in Oil & Gas manufacturing while reducing operational costs through machine learning-based automation and preventive maintenance.

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Benefits of AI-driven Predictive
Maintenance for Oil & Gas Companies

Improved operational efficiency

The optimization of production flow, achieved by analyzing real-time seismic and geological data.

Reduction in unplanned downtime

Minimizing downtime in Oil & Gas facilities by modeling equipment fatigue and overheating, thereby preventing costly breakdowns.

Higher cost

Optimal preventive maintenance for all available equipment, guided by machine learning-based failure predictions.

Digitized data

Digitized data records and automated analysis of collected information to identify issues such as increased equipment usage or pipeline corrosion.


Visual recognition technology to monitor adherence to work standards, safety guidelines, and labor protection measures.

Environmental regulatory compliance

24/7 monitoring of facilities and machine learning data analysis to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Services we provide

Custom Upstream
Software Solutions
Custom Midstream
Software Solutions
Custom Downstream
Software Solutions
Custom Upstream Software Solutions
  • Reservoir modeling and simulation for improved exploration
    and production planning.
  • Real-time monitoring of sensor data for early detection of anomalies or leaks.
  • Identification and rectification of equipment defects.
  • Monitoring of temperature fluctuations and environmental changes.
  • Failure prediction in autonomous drilling systems for increased
    efficiency and safety.
  • Implementation of recommender systems for equipment
    upgrades and procurement.
Custom Midstream Software Solutions
  • End-to-end pipeline management ensures comprehensive control over the entire pipeline lifecycle, from design to decommissioning.
  • Automation services reduce manual intervention, thereby increasing productivity and minimizing errors.
  • Pipeline performance tracking enables real-time monitoring of pipeline efficiency and health, facilitating proactive maintenance and improved operational reliability.
  • Oil & Gas transportation systems offer efficient and safe transport solutions for oil and gas, optimizing logistics and reducing operational risks.
Custom Downstream Software Solutions
  • Downstream supply chain management optimizes the flow of products and information in the downstream sector, ensuring efficient distribution and cost reduction.
  • Oil & Gas development solutions address specific needs in the downstream sector, improving overall operational efficiency and product quality.
  • Energy trading and risk management (ETRM) systems enable better market positioning and risk assessment for energy commodities, enhancing profitability and compliance.
  • Supply chain management allows for a streamlined approach resulting in improved logistics, reduced costs, and better customer satisfaction.

How Does AI Transform
the Oil and Gas Industry?

We develop integrated Oil & Gas software designed to seamlessly connect upstream, midstream, and downstream operational processes in a comprehensive and reliable system.


More accurate identification of optimal drilling locations using deep learning algorithms. Minimization of environmental impact through cutting-edge AI-driven oil recovery techniques. Implementation of autonomous drones for exploration in harsh or remote environments.


Real-time monitoring and AI-driven predictive maintenance to prevent equipment downtime. Intelligent well completions and AI-driven optimization of fracking processes. Full automation
of drilling processes. Application of AI in remote monitoring and control of offshore platforms.

Management and Operations

AI-based safety monitoring systems enhance worker safety by preventing accidents. Integration of IoT for enhanced smart asset management. AI-powered environmental monitoring to reduce negative ecological impact.

Serokell’s cases

Oil & Gas

System for Predicting Time Between Failures for Downhole Equipment

We collaborated with an oil production company to predict the mean time between failures for downhole equipment and the time between overhauls for borehole systems. We implemented CatBoost in our solution, an approach that not only extended the intervals between maintenance but also reduced equipment breakdown time by 10% compared to the previous manual prediction system.

Oil & Gas

Prediction of Optimal Oil Extraction Parameters with Time Series

Using the Isolation Forest algorithm and neural networks, we researched the time-series prediction of key parameters during oil extraction, such as drill temperature and internal pressure. We achieved an RMS error of less than 5% for peak values and below 0.5% for non-peak estimations. This prediction enabled the company to reduce monthly downtime losses by 7%.

Oil & Gas

Engine Failure Prediction System

We worked on a fault prediction system for electric engines, utilizing IoT data. By using raw data from sensors, we built a system based on XGBoost. This system can predict faults 36 hours in advance with an F1 score of over 0.8. This increased the safety of the system and substituted expensive emergency repairs with just-in-time preventive maintenance.


Workpieces Label Recognition System

We developed a label recognition system for workpieces based on machine vision algorithms to optimize the distribution process of workpiece processing in the workshop. As part of this project, we designed algorithms to recognize labeled plates and identify the container number where the workpiece is situated. We achieved a 97.3% accuracy rate in character recognition. This improvement led to a 99.7% accuracy rate in label recognition in the end-to-end scenario and helped increase efficiency in midstream operation.


Automated Ore Rock Sizing System

We developed an advanced system capable of accurately determining the size distribution of ore rocks on a moving conveyor. This led to improved efficiency and a 23% increase in plant productivity. The IOU metric attained a high value of 0.913.

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Other services that we do great

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Implementation of AI-driven solutions for the Oil & Gas industry increases the safety and productivity of mining operations, prevents equipment breakdowns and environmental disasters, resulting in reduced costs, and increased ROI.

The integrated information system consolidates all refinery data into a single system, thereby improving decision-making and operational transparency.

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We employ the latest AI and IoT technologies to drive innovation and transformation in the Oil & Gas industry.

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