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The research
division of Serokell

Our work lies at the intersection of all the important fields of modern technology

language theory (PLT)

Our approach combines innovations from multiple fields, making it easy to create bridges between disciplines.

With our experience in machine learning, blockchain, and programming language theory, we build novel solutions to real problems plaguing the industry.

Careful research, mathematical modeling, and interdisciplinary work are at the foundation of everything that Serokell Labs stands for.

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At Serokell Labs, our goal is to change industry through science

We create a feedback loop between academia and industry with three practices:
  • Creating a platform for promising scientists to do original research.
  • Validating state-of-the-art industry solutions within frameworks of thought already used in academia. (papers, theories, mathematical models)
  • Building new solutions that take in mind the research done before in the field.
Building new

Path for innovators

We run our research laboratory together with ITMO, the top university for competitive programmers*
* according to HackerRank.

Collaboration between Serokell developers and scientists from the leading world universities enables us to translate the vision of pioneers in optical design, computer vision, and engineering into working solutions for real business problems.

Our papers

Ethical Implications
of Brain Computer Interfaces

We provide a positive solution to the finite representation problem for representable residuated groups.

Danya Rogozin
Field: Mathematical logic
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Applied research for GHC

We refactor and improve parts of GHC to move Haskell closer to practical dependent types, implementing features such as standalone kind signatures.

Vladislav Zavialov, Artem Kuznetsov
Field: Programming language theory

Research on relation algebras

We provide a positive solution to the finite representation problem for representable residuated groups.

Danya Rogozin
Field: Mathematical logic

Research on non-classical logics

We investigate topological and algebraic aspects of non-classical logics and structures that matter from a logical perspective.

Danya Rogozin
Field: Mathematical logic

Research on unidirectional coercibles

Coerce is a Haskell feature that allows for zero-cost conversion between generative type abstractions and their base type. We want to create the possibility for safe unidirectional coerce for newtypes with a guaranteed invariant.

Sasha Pakulev
Field: Programming language theory
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ML Lab

We build applied machine learning solutions for business purposes while repeatedly innovating on mainstream ML tools.

Our fields of work include: applied discriminative and generative machine learning models, alternate implementations for ML algorithms with functional programming languages, coordinate-free linear algebra.

Recent projects from our portfolio:

Enhancing biology studies with ML

We are investigating the use of ML to artificially increase the resolution of commodity microscopes. For the same project, we are also creating an organelle classificator that uses the U-Net network architecture.

Exploring computer creativity

We are exploring music generation through both symbolic representation and raw audio. Some of the tools we use: Markov chains, hidden Markov models, deep learning with RNNs and Transformers.

Designing a Face Recognition System

We are building face recognition solutions with machine learning models that use Gaussian Processes for handling high-dimensional data.

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