Case studies

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Telegram Open Network

Smart contract development for TON


A technical solution for a crypto-token platform

Cardano SL

Development of a reliable financial platform

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Contribution to an open-source blockchain platform

Morley for Tezos

Developer tools for the Tezos platform


A documentation repository for the Tezos platform

VibeSync App

ML-based app that synchronizes users' dance videos with music using object pose estimation


A blockchain for educational institutions


Developer tooling for a Tezos smart contract language

Lorentz and Indigo

Development of programming languages for Tezos

K Framework

Executable semantic framework for defining programming languages


Optimization of the first open-source blockchain explorer

Failure Prediction

Locomotive engine failure prediction system based on IoT


Creation of a multi-platform cryptocurrency wallet


Open-source data analysis tool for biotech research

Online Marketplace

Recommender system for a leading marketplace


UX/UI audit and UI for a crowdsourced mapping tool

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Omega Media

Financial platform development for a Norwegian digital agency

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