Serokell architected a portfolio token ecosystem on Ethereum, a governance token on Tezos, CLI tooling for contract administration, and a web app for governance monitoring.

StakerDAO is a platform where crypto-token holders collaborate to launch and manage financial assets in a decentralized, secure manner.

Serokell developers used their expert knowledge of financial markets, blockchain, and smart contract development to architect and implement a technical solution for StakerDAO.

Improving StakerDAO

In collaboration with the customer, we designed BLND, a basket of PoS tokens on Ethereum, and STKR, a governance token on Tezos.

BLND for StakerDAO: features and tools developed by serokell
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First Product - Blend

Blend (BLND), a synthetic ERC20 token, tracks a governed, fully collateralized basket of PoS tokens and offers the easiest way to go long on Proof of Stake networks.

New Assets for StakerDAO

Our responsibility was the investigation of existing solutions, analysis of new demands to the functionality, and development of StakerDAO’s advanced features.

We also created the necessary CLI tooling for contract administration and a web app for governance monitoring.

Serokell cases: Staker DAO
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Features introduced by Serokell:

We were responsible for the deployment of STKR, a governance token, on the Tezos network.

The STKR token is a smart contract on the Tezos network that allows to maintain an up-to-date summary of Staker Operations team actions and conduct council voting for the proposal of a new StakerDAO policy.


Our team created and launched the BLND token.

BLND provides both price exposure to these blockchain projects and exposure to the staking rewards these networks generate through a buyback and burn process.

Serokell developed a governance monitor application.

This is a fork of Agora that displays information about the latest consensus of the STKR governance token, the details of the voting process, and discussions between fund’s managing parties.

All in all, we managed to realize a solution based on the best practices of the blockchain industry.

The first stage of the BLND project that included the development and deployment of the deliverables successfully ended in February 2020.

Minimum Viable ProductExtra FeaturesFIRST STAGESECOND STAGEMinimum Viable ProductExtra FeaturesFIRST STAGESECOND STAGE

Now, we continue working with StakerDAO on the second stage of the project. Serokell is programming a web interface for end-users to participate in BLND buybacks from the rewards generated in the BLND basket.

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Technical stack






crypto-token representing a basket of PoS cryptocurrencies

Serokell experts used the latest advances in blockchain technology in order to provide the client with convenient tools to manage financial transactions on StakerDAO: the STKR token, the BLND token, and a governance monitor application.

Our programmers are proud to be invited to continue the development of new features for the StakerDAO.

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