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Serokell is a blockchain software development company with 5+ years of experience in distributed systems, cryptography, and functional programming. We’ll analyze your business needs and create a solution that’s secure, scalable, and fully customized.

Benefits of blockchain

Blockchain benefits: trust
Blockchain is a technology that generates trust. It provides an environment where you don’t need to put your trust in any single authority like a payment provider blindly. Instead, multiple parties can cooperate without the help of a third party.
Blockchain benefits: decentralisation
Each transaction is verified by the majority of participants of the system, so it is not easy to forge data since there are multiple points of control. Additionally, distributed systems are stronger against technical failures and malicious attacks since there is no single point of failure.
Blockchain benefits: transparency
Blockchain operates as a shared ledger that every participant has access to. Therefore, all the users with access to the blockchain can see all the data posted and transactions made, providing full transparency. Since data is immutable and verified by multiple authorities, fraud is much less likely.
Blockchain benefits: security
Transactions on blockchain platforms are signed with a digital signature and tamper-proof, making it less likely that malicious parties can change data, steal funds, or impersonate other parties. For sensitive data, privacy and anonymity can be enforced.
Blockchain benefits: traceability
Improved traceability. Everything that happens on the blockchain leaves an immutable digital trail, making it easy to audit data, past events, and transactions. Blockchain solutions for the supply chain help track the validity of each item and optimize inefficiencies.

Blockchain solutions and audit from
experts in decentralized ledgers

Public blockchains
Public blockchains are open networks that are accessible to everyone. Our software developers have experience working with multiple leading projects in the public blockchain space and can provide you with an efficient and scalable solution.
Enterprise DLT solutions
Build a permissioned blockchain application where only known users can participate. We can operate with distributed ledger technology platforms like Hyperledger Fabric and Corda, and have experience in building permissioned blockchain solutions in various fields.
Custom blockchain platforms
If you want to create a custom blockchain platform, our developers can research and develop a fully bespoke solution with a consensus mechanism, virtual machine, custom programming language, all the surrounding infrastructure, and more.
Smart contracts and dApps
Smart contracts are pieces of code on blockchain that execute if sent transactions from other entities. By using them, you can create fully decentralized applications. Our team can do smart contract development and optimization on platforms like Ethereum, Tezos, and multiple others to help you create your next decentralized project.
DeFi platforms
Decentralized finance is a form of finance that relies on smart contracts and decentralized exchanges instead of banks and brokers. We can build a decentralized finance platform that will enable people to lend or borrow from each other, trade cryptocurrencies, or generate returns from their crypto assets.
Security audits
We provide independent audits to uncover potential breaches and vulnerabilities in your fintech solutions. With third-party security reports, your financial software will gain trust from users and investors.
Architecture audit
We’ll look deep into your project’s code, documentation, and whitepaper to reveal potential flaws and discrepancies that could cause issues down the line. This includes addressing scalability bottlenecks, mitigating critical problems, and pointing to general areas of improvement.

Blockchain projects
we have worked on

We have designed new cryptocurrency platforms from scratch and used functional programming and formal verification to improve the security of our own and external blockchain solutions.

Why choose us for blockchain software development

Innovative technologies
Serokell is a team with 5+ years of experience in blockchain development. We have collaborated with some of the biggest public blockchain platforms to deliver cutting-edge solutions for blockchain developers and end users.
Our choice of modern technologies and unique approach to software development helps us minimize the number of bugs and security vulnerabilities in our code. Save your money and reputation with a solution that is shipped faster, works better, and has to be maintained less frequently.
Custom solutions
We have the expertise to research and develop a fully-customized blockchain system from scratch together with all the required infrastructure like smart contract languages, currency exchanges, wallets, and other necessary applications.

Blockchain services

Serokell develops public and private blockchain systems as well as dApps, DeFi platforms, and can create bridges between different blockchains. We can handle end-to-end blockchain development and guarantee reliable software product delivery.
We have experience consulting numerous blockchain projects, from startups with just an idea or a whitepaper to platforms serving multitudes of users. We will conduct in-depth research for your use case and help you create or improve your solution so that it fits your needs better.
Security audit
Lack of proper attention to software vulnerability issues may leadto security breaches instead of security vulnerabilities. Serokell software security engineers regularly operate as third-party auditors for decentralized applications and smart contract software systems to predict discrepancies and avoid potential threats, saving your client assets and your reputation.

Other services that we do great

Other services that we do great

Our tech stack

Serokell blockchain development company builds secure financial products with the assistance of advanced functional programming languages.

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Since the company’s foundation, Serokell has been focused on the development of advanced blockchain systems. Contact us to learn how we can help you create a unique and customized blockchain solution for your business.

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