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Build safe and secure applications with one of the leading Haskell development companies.

Since the compiler detects large classes of issues at compile time, Haskell code is much more reliable than code in languages like JavaScript or Python. This leads to lower development costs and happier users.
Due to the well-optimized compiler and good support for concurrency, your application will be fast, reliable, and performant. Therefore, the Haskell programming language is a perfect choice for fintech apps or blockchain projects.
Because of the strong focus on types, Haskell code is easy to maintain and improve. This means that it is much easier and cheaper to support your application and add new features to it.

Haskell is the tool you need to build better software

Haskell is a general-purpose functional programming language that is mainly used for backend development.

With Haskell, you can create software that is efficient, reliable, and easily maintainable. It is used in fields where correctness is mandatory, such as fintech, blockchain, biotech, healthcare, and others.

Why we’re your best choice for a Haskell team

Since Haskell is the main tool we use at Serokell, we know it inside out. Our developers have learned the tips and tricks for writing Haskell code that is performant and industrial-grade, and we are ready to build any kind of software with it.


Serokell has worked primarily with Haskell solutions for 5+ years, and we know what is necessary to launch a successful product with Haskell quickly and painlessly.


We have a dedicated team that works on GHC, the most widespread Haskell compiler, and moves the programming language forward.


Our engineers teach Haskell and functional programming at universities, mentoring new Haskell developers that become industry experts.

How we can help you

Haskell consulting

Haskell consulting

Consult expert software engineers on Haskell development. We will analyze your exact use case and suggest the best way to move forward with your project.

Haskell web app development

Haskell web app development

Build reliable and performant web applications with Haskell. We can use frameworks like IHP, servant, Yesod, and others to deliver quick and predictable results.

Distributed application development

Distributed application development

We specialize in building performant distributed applications with minimal downtime. This includes large-scale blockchain platforms and fintech solutions for both startups and enterprises.

Custom software development

Custom software development

Build an application that’s the best match for your strategic objectives. Our team will listen to your idea, analyze your requirements, and choose the best Haskell tools and frameworks to solve your problem.

Dedicated development team

Dedicated development team

Hire a dedicated Haskell development team to develop and maintain your project. Your team will support you at each step of the software development process: from ideation to development and maintenance.

Audit and maintenance

Audit and maintenance

We offer audit and support services for already built applications. Our team will examine your code and detect security weaknesses, performance bottlenecks, and other issues that can cause problems down the line.

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How we work

From idea to execution

We’ll assist you in each step of building software development: from finalizing ideas and creating specifications to development, deployment, and maintenance.

Dedicated development teams

We’ll put together a dedicated team of developers with the relevant skill sets. If you need, you can quickly scale your team up or down according to necessity.

Full-stack capabilities

Our expertise covers every part of software development. Frontend or backend development, DevOps, or QA, we have people that can help you achieve your goals.
We built the settlement layer of Cardano, one of the largest and most innovative Proof of Stake blockchain platforms, and helped support its federated launch and token distribution.
We contributed to Tezos, one of the top open-source blockchain platforms. Our contributions include two smart contract languages made with Haskell, a set of developer and testing tools, packaging solutions, and multiple smart contracts.
Telegram blockchain contest
Our team was awarded first prize in the smart contract competition launched by TON (Telegram Open Network) for our async payment channel and multisignature wallet, which was written in a domain-specific language built with Haskell.
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Haskell solutions

  • Blockchain solutions
  • Data analysis tools
  • Fintech applications
  • Haskell web apps
  • Distributed Haskell applications
  • Domain-specific languages

Glasgow Haskell Compiler

We sponsor a team that works full-time on developing new features for Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC), the main open-source compiler for Haskell.
Our work includes language design and compiler engineering, with the main goal being to add dependent types to Haskell.
Here are some of our contributions to GHC:
Promotion of Char and Natural
Type and kind variable unification
Visible dependent quantification
Standalone Kind Signatures
Parser improvements

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Browse our other services


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