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Request a smart contract audit from the leading blockchain security consulting company to discover if your software project has security breaches. Provide your customers with additional guarantees from independent auditors.

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Blockchain Security consulting & Ethereum Smart Contract Audits

A third-party audit from prominent blockchain developers is free of any conflict of interest and serves as a source of trust for your customers.

It works both as the proof of your serious attention to security issues and as an official independent smart contract security check.

Benefits of Blockchain & Smart Contract Audits

A blockchain and hybrid smart contract audit will help you to:

  • Improve the performance of your blockchain

  • Avoid hazardous vulnerabilities and costly errors

  • Protect your smart contracts from hacking attacks

  • Optimize your code and increase efficiency

  • Gain trust from your investors and community

  • Earn a higher rating on listings by having an audit conducted

The main goal of the audit is to identify vulnerabilities and highlight weak points before the deployment of smart contracts

Our Services

We have a well-built working and communication process that we've polished
by doing smart contract audits for various companies and projects.

  • Smart contract audits
    Smart contract audits

    Our team will perform a holistic manual code review for your application.

  • Smart contract testing
    Smart contract testing

    We'll do comprehensive functional and stress testing, check how the business logic is implemented, and research how your smart contract works as a whole.

  • Automated security analysis
    Automated security analysis

    We’ll write automatic checks to examine certain classes of vulnerabilities of smart contracts to prove they are resistant to common types of errors

  • Token audits for potential investors
    Token audits for potential investors

    We will analyze the token contract to let you see if there are any risks of exploits.

Types of Audit Serokell Offers

Types of Audit Serokell Offers

Blockchain & Smart contract audit

The audit for smart contracts must be done on a more abstract level than the traditional code review.

  • First, we need to model all possible behaviors of attackers.

  • And second, we have to check the external sources that the smart contract uses.

  • Finally, evaluate all the components, and processes, as a whole system to find the right balance between soundness, precision, and performance.

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Serokell smart contract audit steps:

Core functionality review
  • Analyze the core logic of the contract.

  • Verify that the logic solves the problem at hand.

  • Review the implementation and establish that it is correct and safe.

  • Look for opportunities to reduce the contract's gas consumption.

Security assessment
  • Verify that the contract as a whole is correct and safe.

  • Test the contract's resiliency to potential attacks.

  • Investigate areas which need further development in regards to security.

  • Summarize all findings.

  • Check the updates and provide an official conclusion.

  • Give recommendations for improvement.

Performance audit: code & infrastructure

A source code audit is an extensive review of the software aimed at revealing vulnerabilities and security flaws in the code. During the code audit, our experts will perform a frontend and backend code review and analyze the project infrastructure to ensure the software is secure and easily maintainable.

This type of audit reveals various vulnerabilities and poor development practices. It also shows all possible source code execution flaws.

Performance audit: code & infrastructure

Spec & white paper reviews

Our IT department includes scientists experienced in creating and reviewing white papers and specifications. We’ll analyze your papers and specs, check if it’s logically structured, clear, and informative. You’ll receive recommendations from our experts about necessary improvements to your papers.

Decentralized system architecture audits

A proper IT architecture is essential for a decentralized system. Our experts will check the performance, reliability, and security of your solution. We’ll also analyze the scalability of the project to know how the architecture performs under load.

Platforms & Technology

Serokell is experienced in working with different platforms and technologies.
We provide audits for Ethereum blockchain projects as well as for software built on other platforms. Here are some of the platforms and technologies we work with.


Tezos is a platform that enables the creation of dApps and smart contracts. Its development is supported by a global community of researchers, builders, and validators. Tezos is designed to be long-term upgradable, open to participation and collaboration. Tez or XTZ is the native cryptocurrency for Tezos that is positioned as an alternative to Ethereum.

Michelson is a native smart contract language of Tezos and there are higher-level languages, such as LIGO, SmartPy, Lorentz, Indigo.


EOS VM is a Web Assembly engine built for blockchain development. Its three interpreters make it possible to debug, quickly compile, and optimize smart contracts and perform step-through debugging of C++ smart contracts.


Rust is a programming language designed for performance and safety, especially safe concurrency. And Solana is an open-source project implementing a high-performance permissionless blockchain. It supports writing on-chain programs in Rust.

Ethereum and EVM-based Blockchains

Solidity is a native language of Ethereum which gives the complete advantage of launching products on EVM-based blockchain platforms. We'd be happy to audit Binance Smart Chain, HECO, Polygon, and Tron smart contracts written in Solidity.


Plutus is the smart contract platform of the Cardano cryptocurrency that allows to write applications that interact with this blockchain.


Why is smart contract audit important?

Security and efficiency are essential concerns for smart contracts. Weak performance can cause excessive additional costs, and there's even a risk of losing the entire contract and associated assets due to security vulnerabilities. In addition, data stored on the blockchain, including the smart contract code itself, have irreversible nature, so it's crucial to uncover any weak spots before implementation.Item

Smart contract audit helps to:

  • Optimize the code
  • Improve the overall performance of a smart contract
  • Prove security against hacking attacks

Which issues can you identify during Ethereum smart contract audit?

During Ethereum smart contract audits, our team of software security engineers will go through a three-step process checking different types of issues.

Identifying common issues with your Ethereum smart contract

  • arithmetic errors
  • reentrance mistakes
  • stack issues
  • possible optimizations

Identifying documentation and spec issues

  • conformity of the code to specification requirements

Stress testing the contract by simulating different attacks

What are the most common threats for smart contracts?

Smart contract audit helps to:

  • reentrancy attack
  • over- and underflow exploits
  • front-running susceptibility
  • DoS susceptibility
  • replay attack
  • short address vulnerability

Our audit procedure will ensure that you avoid such risks.

Why choose Serokell?


5+ years of developing and reviewing smart contracts, blockchain applications, and decentralized systems.


Our working process is efficient while our reports are detailed and well-reasoned.

Cost efficiency

Our flexible models of cooperation allow you to plan your budget accurately.

Serokell is your reliable tech partner that will take care of the security part of your project. Trust us to conduct blockchain and smart contract audits and ensure your business is protected from security breaches.

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