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Build performant and reliable web apps with TypeScript.

It’s reliable
Since a lot of bugs are found by the compiler, TypeScript code is much more reliable than code in dynamically-typed languages like JavaScript. Less bugs, more happy users.
It’s explicit
Due to extra information about types, it is much easier to build and maintain large codebases in TS without a lot of additional overhead. Less overhead, more new features.
It’s fast to build in
TypeScript is quite high-level and fast to write software in. It’s well-suited for prototypes, MVPs, and projects with a short time to market.
TS consulting services

Serokell is a TypeScript development company

We use innovative technologies for full-stack development of custom software

From idea to execution, our team will be there to help you and advise you in everything that concerns software development.

With the help of TypeScript, our programmers will develop client-side and server-side applications that are flexible and easy to maintain.

TypeScript is your tool for superior web development experience

TypeScript is a general-purpose programming language that is mainly used for both sides of web development: frontend and backend. It’s very similar to JavaScript, but has static typing that helps to build reliable applications that scale better than ones made in JavaScript.

How we can help you

TypeScript consulting

TypeScript consulting

Consult our experts on modern technologies and development processes. We will analyze your exact use case and suggest the best way to move forward with your TypeScript project, as well as answer any other inquiries.

Web app development

Web app development

Quickly build stunning web apps and websites that will leave your users delighted. We can build your app with frameworks like React, Vue, or Angular for quick turnaround times and standardized results.

Custom TypeScript application development

Custom TypeScript application development

Create custom applications tuned to your needs and requirements. Our team will listen to your idea, analyze your requirements, and choose the best TS tools and frameworks to solve your problem.

Dedicated TypeScript developers

Dedicated TypeScript developers

Hire a dedicated TS development team to build and support your project. Whether you need a hybrid mobile app, web app, or a more complicated custom project, your dedicated team will always be there to help you.

Application optimization and maintenance

Application optimization and maintenance

Audit, refactor, and support your already built applications. Our software engineers can audit your code and suggest or do improvements that will erase bugs, increase the speed of applications, and solve bottlenecks.

JS-to-TS migration

JS-to-TS migration

Make your application futureproof by switching to TypeScript as early as possible. We offer to switch your codebase from JS to TS to prepare it for further scaling and software development.

We are your reliable partner


Business savvy

We get into every detail of your business to provide bespoke solutions tailored to your vision and adored by users.

IT & Academia

We combine expert programming knowledge with academic research. Our developers apply cutting-edge science discoveries to your business needs.

Best practices

Our team has worked in fintech, edutech, biotech, and other industries. We'll introduce best practices to build your competitive advantage in the market.
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How we work

From idea to execution

We’ll assist you in each step of building software development: from finalizing ideas and creating specifications to development, deployment, and maintenance.

Dedicated development teams

We’ll put together a dedicated team of developers with the relevant skill sets. If you need, you can quickly scale your team up or down according to necessity.

Full-stack capabilities

Our expertise covers every part of software development. Frontend or backend development, DevOps, or QA, we have people that can help you achieve your goals.
We contributed to Tezos, one of the top open-source blockchain platforms. Our contributions include two smart contract languages made with Haskell, a set of developer and testing tools, packaging solutions, and multiple smart contracts.
We audited blockchain explorer BlockScout and mitigated a critical problem in the product.
Our team developed a data analysis application for biotech researchers.
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TypeScript solutions

  • TS web applications (PWA, SPA)
  • Custom websites with TypeScript
  • Custom backend applications
  • Hybrid TypeScript app development
  • Migration to TypeScript
  • Frontend modernization

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