Serokell developed an MVP of a data analysis tool for biotech researchers

One of our partners – an international biotech company that works on full-cycle pharmaceutical manufacturing, starting from initial molecule search to mass production. Their research teams had problems with their closed-source data analysis tool, Magellan, and wanted a tool that would be open-source and have more possibilities for individualization.

Problems with the closed‑source solution

Impossible to
write plugins
Doesn’t store
experiment data
Available set
of curves is small
Fitting functionality
is limited

Open solution
for biotech

To answer the client’s needs, we designed and built Edna, an open-source data analysis tool that also provides a convenient way of storing data.

Edna is web-based and does data analysis in the cloud, enabling researchers to use personal machines for work. Compared to some of the other alternatives in the market, the solution is:

  • Completely free and extensible.
  • Due to the open-source nature of the app, it can be used and improved by multiple biotech companies in collaboration, if necessary.
  • It can also be personalized to fit the processes of the company that uses it.
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Data viewer

Via our web UI, researchers can see experiment data and plot graphs for specific compounds.

Data analyzer

We built a simple data analysis tool that can analyze experiment data and display needed values and metrics.


We created a tool that stores and displays past data about experiments, test methodologies, and particular compounds.

Minimum viable product

To start off we decided to build an MVP that enables researchers to measure the IC50 of substances by fitting a curve to the 4PL (4 Parameter Logistic Regression) model. 4PL is one of the most common models for bioassays and immunoassays

IC50 is a metric that shows how much of an inhibitory substance is required to inhibit a given biological process or component by 50%.

Serokell projects: Edna

Because of our expertise with Haskell, we were able to build an extensible prototype quickly. To help users interact with the app, we created an attractive and intuitive user interface that can display experiment data and plot graphs for different compounds. For numerical computations, we used Python.

In the end, our MVP was able to import, store, display, and analyze data from experiments in a highly accessible fashion.

Serokell use cases: Edna

By frequently interacting with our client through demos and stakeholder meetings, we were able to receive rapid feedback on our tool, test it in real-life biotech research environments, and make sure our project is something that biotech research companies require.

Serokell portfolio: Edna development

Our tech stack


The MVP is ready for testing by Biocad.
If necessary, we can easily extend the application with plugins, an expanded data analysis toolbox, or any other functionality.

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