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We use functional programming and DevOps practices for effective development and maintenance. Bring your idea, we will take care of everything else.

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No one succeeds alone. Our consultants will aid you in your functional programming ventures, small and large alike.

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We search for students and graduates that breathe computer science.

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Work with complex blockchain and functional programming projects has given us vast experience in developing large-scale systems and managing them.

Multiple Perspectives

Our team is multinational and multidisciplinary. Senior and junior developers will collaborate on your project using modern management techniques to give you the quality of top-down with the innovation of bottom-up.


It’s important for us to understand our systems and to improve them. That is why we perform independent research whenever we can. If you have a question, we are ready to find out the answer.

The Paradigm Shift

We are changing the landscape of programming by proving the viability of lesser known technologies. Will these be the technologies of the future? We honestly don’t know, but neither does anyone else. In the meantime, we use them to create products that are more robust and reliable than those in the market right now.

Our partners


А marketplace for those who want to learn and those who can teach


А marketplace for those who want to learn and those who can teach

TeachMePlease represents the base of educational institutions, online and offline schools, as well as various training programs, from group development classes for children to individual sessions with a coach.


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Our Projects


Hephaestus, the foremost staking pool on Cardano blockchain, is launching together with Shelley release of Cardano. A resilient way to invest made by Serokell, the former developers of Cardano SL


Powered by Knit, an extensible command language, Ariadne is a wallet for users that need more. Ariadne is written in Haskell and runs on Windows (coming later), Linux and macOS