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Serokell is a software development company focused on creating customized high-performance solutions.

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Expert Software Engineering

As a custom software engineering company, we create innovative solutions for complex problems. Our team is composed of developers, designers, engineers, computer scientists, and mathematicians, all to help you realize your vision.

Our research department

At Serokell Labs, we accelerate your business growth with the power of science. Our experts design new algorithms, build models, prove theories, and find new ways to let your software idea come to life.

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Areas of Expertise

What makes us different

Scientific Approach
Our connections with academia and research labs let us leverage the latest innovations to make products that are fast, scalable, and secure.
Innovative technologies
Leverage our unique choice of technologies and approach to software development to create solutions with fewer bugs and security vulnerabilities. Save your money with software that is shipped faster and has to be maintained less frequently.
Superior recruiting
Kickstart your tech project with top-tier talent, selected through our careful hiring process that features an innovative test task and interviews with team leads.
Excellent reputation
We have excellent ratings on various B2B review platforms, and our developers have been rewarded at contests like the Telegram blockchain contest.
Focus on business
Hire a team that cares about your growth. We assign each project a C-level executive that makes sure our team meets your exact business needs.
Deep ties with industry
Our employees are working on several open-source projects that are loved by developers. In addition, we frequently visit conferences and sponsor the growth of new IT students.

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Our process

With our streamlined software development process, we are able to build extraordinary products within ordinary timescales.


Technical audit


Minimum viable product
Backend development
Frontend development


Post-release support
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Our stack consists of languages that are productive, reliable, and scalable. Discover how they can help build better software.

Case Studies

Open Source Contributions

Build better and more reliable software by attracting the help of enthusiastic open-source contributors. Our team has experience launching multiple open-source projects made for both developers and end users.
Glasgow Haskell Compiler
One of our open-source work directions is contributing to GHC (Glasgow Haskell Compiler), the main Haskell compiler for industry use. We sponsor a team of developers to work full-time on the development of new GHC features.
An open-source machine learning data analysis application for biotech researchers. Edna is web-based and does data analysis in the cloud, enabling researchers to use personal machines for work.
An open-source, simple and multi-profile Nix-flake deploy tool. It is an easy to use Rust application that will take a Nix flake and use it to set up any of the defined profiles on the nodes, ensuring your machine availability.

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