Serokell developed the first domain-specific educational blockchain for storing academic records and personal achievements with special regard for privacy and data disclosure.

In 2017-2018, Serokell was working on a blockchain project Disciplina for TeachMePlease platform. TMP envisioned a unified space for students, educational institutions, and recruiters where they all could achieve their goals. Serokell’s task was to develop a domain-specific decentralized ledger with special regard for privacy and mechanisms of data disclosure.

Project’s aims:

  • Create a protected multifunctional blockchain platform;
  • Provide facilities for storing, structuring, merging, and sampling the data from different institutions as a united database;
  • Build a search engine for HR managers and mechanics for data monetization;
  • Develop a mechanism for comparing educational institutions’ performance and trustworthiness and, therefore, to automate the ranking of students' education.
Serokell designed domain-specific educational blockchain

Project roles and features:


  • store their educational records in a hack-proof system;
  • receive grades and certificates whose validity is verified;
  • enroll in courses and conduct payments;
  • share their CVs with companies for headhunting purposes.


  • give grades and feedback about students’ achievements;
  • share students’ data (with their permission) with interested parties;
  • gain a wider recognition through a general score system and attract more students and sponsors.


  • easily find and assess candidates based on their general score;
  • get access to a large database of potential employees that contains 100% valid information.

There are three target groups that benefit from the platform:

students, educators (including educational institutions and private tutors), and recruiters.

EducatorsStudentsRecruitersWitnessesprivate chainspublic chainsSubmit hashes toAn educationalprocess (mostlyoffchain)Verify dataintegritySend dataupon requestEducatorsStudentsRecruitersWitnessesSubmithashes toAn educationalprocess (mostlyoffchain)Verify dataintegritySend dataupon requestprivate chainspublic chains


Development of the decentralized network, its components, and infrastructure.

Serokell architectured a solution that answers the demands of all the target groups. The multilayer decentralized network works as a secure system with convenient infrastructure for data exchange, verification, and monetization.


System design and architecture: private and public nodes with APIs, data disclosure protocol, and consensus algorithm.


Block explorer, wallet, faucet and applications (FairCV checker, Student app, Educator app).


APIs for each of the layers and the integration of all the components across different systems.

Overcoming Challenges

To realize a well-protected distributed ledger system, Serokell engineers combined the elements of public and private ledgers.

Public nodes (Witnesses) verify parts of private chain and manage the public chain, while all the data is securely handled by Educators and other private parties.

$$$0$$StudentsWitnessesEducationalinsitutesRecruitersPrivate ledgerPublic ledger$$$0StudentsWitnessesEducationalinsitutesRecruitersPrivate ledger$$Public ledger

Our programmers have balanced all these components and created a system with clearly defined database access levels for each of the nodes.

We also managed to unify the detached data into one aggregated database and integrated our solution with the infrastructures of different companies and universities. The created software system is fast, scalable and well-protected as implemented in accordance with the data disclosure protocol.

Technical stack


(implemented on the client’s side)




Disciplina had to be uncrackable to attract universities and students around the world and stimulate them to share personal data. We have not heard of successful realizations of anything similar before.

The solution by Serokell conducts real-time verification of data and ensures absolute safety against hacking and accidental information leakage.

The project managed to get a hardcap during the fundraising campaign for further development.

Next stage of the project is negotiations on the integration of the platform into systems of universities from Asia (Tokyo), Europe (Madrid, Saint-Petersburg), the USA (California), and several governmental organizations across the world.

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