Frontend Developer

Serokell is a fast-growing, fully-remote software development company that works on innovative solutions for complex problems. We’re packed full of adventurous, curious, and inclusive folks that want to build cutting-edge software with modern technologies like functional programming.

We’re searching for a Frontend Developer that would help us create new web pages and applications for us and our clients.


  • Participate in the development of different web applications and websites.
  • Develop robust, scalable, and maintainable TypeScript applications, adhering to best practices and coding standards.
  • Collaborate with the design team to come up with the best UI that we can implement.
  • Participate in code reviews, providing constructive feedback and ensuring code quality.
  • Debug and resolve technical issues, identifying and implementing effective solutions.


Candidates should have 3+ years of experience working in production with:

  • TypeScript. You should be familiar with things like generics, type guards, and discriminated union types.
  • SASS (CSS3). You should be familiar with things like adaptive design, @use imports, mixins, and the methodology of BEM.
  • Modern JavaScript (ECMA2015). You should have solid knowledge with a least an ECMA2015 level of understanding.
  • React/pReact or other libraries for building user interfaces. You should be familiar with things like functional components, component lifecycle & nesting, working with states, and SSR components.
  • SQL. You should be familiar with things like PostgreSQL syntax and migrations (Prisma).
  • Vite or Similar Tooling. You should be familiar with aspects such as frontend code bundling and optimization strategies.
  • Yarn or Similar Dependency Managers. You should be proficient in managing dependencies and tool configurations in frontend development projects.

Bonus points are awarded for:

  • Knowledge of how protocols, software, and algorithms operate under the hood, such as network protocols (TCP, HTTP), Node.js, and binary search trees.
  • Experience with Rust.
  • Familiarity with either RemixJS or NextJS.
  • A keen sense of UI/UX, enabling the proposal of meaningful improvements and the creation of effective solutions.
  • Understanding of Python, beneficial for reviewing and potentially rewriting parts of existing Python applications.
  • Being self-driven and thriving when working independently, confidently handling responsibilities.
  • Comfort in interacting directly with clients and collaborating closely with the team.

Tech stack

  • We prefer TypeScript over vanilla JavaScript to implement any frontend logic.
  • React library.
  • Our typical database choice is PostgreSQL.
  • In applications for our clients, we often implement both frontend and backend components. Backend development is usually done in Haskell or Rust. Frontend development may involve the usage of domain-specific JS libraries and external web APIs.
  • We typically use Nix to deploy and package any software we develop.

Why you should work with Serokell 😎

  • Competitive salary.
  • Attractive international projects.
  • Participation in the leading world conferences.
  • International team and multicultural environment.
  • Fully remote work and flexible working hours.
  • Possibility to take days off any time you need.
  • Investment in your professional and career growth, which will translate into wage growth.
  • Mentoring and training.
  • English language courses.
  • Yoga classes and mental health support.