Serokell Listed as One of the Top Blockchain Software Developers

Ellina Poponnikova
September 10th, 2021
1 min read

Serokell got listed among the leading Blockchain software development companies in the world. The rating of the best developers as of September 2021 was made by the ranking platform DesignRush.

The listing agency DesignRush is an independent researcher of IT firms with its own methodology and a team of analysts. They evaluate software development companies and choose those that provide the most reliable and efficient products.

As a blockchain software development agency, Serokell provides various blockchain solutions. For more than five years, we’ve been creating public blockchains, custom blockchain platforms, smart contracts, enterprise DLT solutions, and more. Among our projects are designing new cryptocurrency platforms and improving the security of our own and external blockchain solutions. We’re delighted to be recognized as a trusted technology partner.

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