Serokell Recognized as a Leading Machine Learning Company in 2024

Serokell has been named one of the top 15 machine learning companies in 2024 by Techreviewer. This leading analytics platform conducts studies and publishes lists of the best IT companies.

Techreviewer is a trusted resource for businesses seeking reliable software development partners. The platform’s experienced analysts thoroughly evaluate companies across various factors, including technical expertise, client feedback, and industry recognition.

Techreviewer provides objective and unbiased reviews, enabling organizations to make informed decisions when selecting software development partners.

Serokell’s experts leverage computer vision, natural language processing, and other ML technologies to design custom solutions for enhanced data analytics and improved efficiency, security, and safety of operations through automation.

Additionally, Serokell has been included in the list of best software developers in the USA.

Serokell is honored by the prestigious recognition of its high-quality software development services and is dedicated to continued innovation and maintaining its leading position in the market.

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