Three Months of Hustle: Serokell Q1 2019 Report

We started the new 2019 year with intensive work in all areas. Only three months have passed, but we can already say with confidence: this is a year of significant changes. The company develops, we have new employees and new projects. But internal work means nothing without showing progress.

So, the first good news is that we are working on Tezos.

Tezos is a self-governing blockchain

Tezos is a self-governing blockchain providing a platform for formally verified smart contracts and decentralized applications. Stakeholders vote on amendments to the protocol, including amendments to the voting procedure itself, to reach a social consensus on proposals.

In January, we began to cooperate with CamlCase. We’re working together on the Morley library for the Tocqueville Group (TQ). The Morley library aims to make writing smart contracts in Michelson effective and enjoyable, while Michelson is the language used to write smart contracts on the Tezos blockchain. It is a stack-based and strongly typed language, designed to facilitate formal verification of contracts. As you can already guess, we are thrilled to work on it.

One of the basic principles of Serokell is to help companies that are moving forward the technological progress. In February, we sponsored and provided information support to an olympiad in bioinformatics held by the Bioinformatics Institute.

Serokell was a sponsor of an olympiad in bioinformatics

Our haskeller Danya Rogozin who is famous for his saga in three parts about Constructive and Non-Constructive Proofs in Agda gets ready to participate in FPure Conference in May. It is the only functional programming conference in Russia. Danya will talk about our machine learning adventure in Haskell and discuss our solution on the question of type-safe dimensions.

FPure Conference will take place in May

We’re proud to report another scientific success of this brilliant mind. An abstract for Danya’s paper on his results in Lambek calculus has been accepted for Topology, Algebra and Categories in Logic conference in Nice. Our congratulations!

Let’s briefly check what else has been done in these 3 months. We have signed new contracts and extended several existing ones. Our famous Vladislav Zavialov came back to hacking on GHC: we’ll show you his developments in the next report.

There is a lot of work ahead, and we will keep you informed about our achievements.

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Stay tuned!

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