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The day has come.

I am pleased to welcome you to the first article of our blog. Cue the fanfarade, roll out the carpets, while I’ll tell you about Serokell, how we conceived the idea to create our blog, and what articles you might read there in the future.

The value of education

3 years ago, Serokell was created by Arseniy Seroka and Jonn Mostovoy, two guys who met in #nixos IRC channel.

Since then, Serokell has grown into a vibrant 50-person remote company, gone through the launch of Cardano SL, participated in several other blockchain projects, built an exchange, and we’re not even close to stopping. The education and recruiting project we have been working on, Disciplina, has gone to alpha recently, and it features our first venture into Haskell desktop applications, the Ariadne wallet.

For all this time, the uniting value of the company has been education. We have budget allocated for research and content creation specifically, and, what is more, I am frequently astonished by the amount of work my colleagues put in to help others. When I decided to get into Haskell and cryptography, I was showered with resources until I couldn’t get up.

The gains from putting education first are significant. As a company we now possess a wide, ever-expanding range of knowledge in topics like functional programming, computer science, math, and, as I have seen from our Slack, low-carb diets (but we won’t write a lot about those). Properly packaged, these resources could be helpful to large audiences. After realizing that, the creation of a blog felt like an obvious next step.

What will you see in our blog?

Our blog will be about everything we come in contact in our work life: our projects (Disciplina, Ariadne, and those to come), DevOps, Nix, and, of course, FP. We have benefited significantly from using FP both in production systems and small open-source projects; our next goal is to prepare the grounds for functional programming to dominate the world.

The first post is from Rinat Stryngis, one of our new Ariadne developers. It’s about signal processing, and involves lasers, physics, and of course, Haskell:

Signal Processing in Haskell

If you want to stay informed about our next blog posts, follow us on Twitter – we plan to publish a post every week from now on. See ya!

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