Serokell on the List of Fastest-Growing Software Development Companies in 2022

Top Developers has included Serokell in the list of fastest-growing software developers of 2022.

The list consists of 500 companies selected based on their proven and consistent ability to deliver quality, where Serokell is among the top forty IT firms.

TopDevelopers has conducted rigorous research on the IT industry and picked the service providers that made it into the list.

The platform aims to make the search easier for service seekers by shortlisting the best service providers. experts assess the companies against multiple criteria. These are expertise, quality of work, reliability, customer feedback, and certifications and awards.

As TopDevelopers notes, technology has become an essential tool for business growth and a way to get an edge over the competition. That is why the directory paid particular attention to the ability of software developers to design customized products by combining academic research with top-notch IT expertise and experience.

With its team of experienced computer scientists, software engineers, mathematicians, and designers, Serokell precisely meets TopDevelopers’ high standards. Our company has built a reputation for developing complex IT solutions for cutting-edge industries such as fintech, edutech, genetic engineering, etc. Our in-house research unit, Serokell Labs, collaborates with several academic institutions on programming language theory, AI, distributed systems, and other aspects of computer science. This allows us to blend theory and practice for our clients’ benefit and best interests.

We are delighted to see our expertise recognized by independent market researchers like TopDevelopers.

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