Serokell Listed Among the Best Developers by TopDevelopers team

Olga Bolgurtseva
Article by Olga Bolgurtseva
August 16th, 2022
1 min read

TopDevelopers has included Serokell in the 2022 listing of the best software development companies.

TopDevelopers is a directory of IT firms designed to help companies find a trusted technical partner. The listing is based on thorough research and in-depth analysis of numerous industry-specific parameters.

These metrics include the ability to deliver, reliability, quality of work, customer feedback, and certifications and awards.

The ability to deliver high-quality applications is one of the most critical evaluation criteria. TopDevelopers pays particular attention to the IT company’s web and app design and development processes, and the time it takes to build and deliver the app or service. The company’s expertise in mobile app development for Android, iPhone, iPad, wearables, and the web is also carefully considered when evaluating the ability to deliver.

For assessing reliability, TopDevelopers uses four key metrics: market presence, market penetration, experience, and social media following.

To evaluate the quality of work, TopDevelopers carefully studies the company’s portfolio, taking into consideration the complexity of the projects, the ability to meet the guidelines set by the client, accomplishments, and innovative solutions.

Customer feedback is another crucial evaluation criterion that completes the picture of the service offered by the company. TopDevelopers divides customer reviews into different categories based on the technological level of the company before evaluating them according to general metrics.

TopDevelopers pays close attention to the certifications and awards the company has received for its work. These confirm that the software developer consistently provides high-quality services and maintains high working standards recognized by the professional community.

Serokell is honored and happy to be on the TopDevelopers list for the best software development companies. As always, we are committed to providing our clients with high-quality, personalized research-based services while continually improving our customers’ experience with our company.

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