Try Out Our Remote Productivity App: Ment

There are a lot of awesome remote work tools out there. But there’s a problem. All of them exist in their own separate niches, and it is hard for them to interoperate.

To solve that, we created Ment.

Ment is a web application that can aggregate different software based on the company’s needs and tasks. It is focused on team monitoring and management.

See everything

Get an overview of all the projects and everybody’s workloads, tasks, and contact details within the projects.

Ment features a user-friendly interface with various dashboards for employees, teams, and projects.

Ment dashboard screenshot

Use everything

Let Ment help you instead of setting unwieldy collaboration systems that might lock you into solutions that you don’t like.

We want to help you use all your favorite tools, but still increase productivity. Ment aggregates information from tools like Slack, YouTrack, GitHub: apps like Telegram, Jira, Trello will follow.

Access everything

Everything that you need. Nothing more, nothing less.

With our intuitive interface, any information you want to find about the project or it’s contributors is easy to find.


Supercharge your remote work

We believe that Ment can be useful to any company that is either fully remote or outsources work to remote staff. To help companies move to remote work in 2020, we offer a trial period of three months.

If you would like to try it out, visit our website. There, you can learn more about the tool and signup for the free trial.

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