Website Planet Interviews Serokell CEO Arseniy Seroka

Serokell’s mission is to make great things happen. We aren’t afraid of challenges; we welcome them. And we work hard to improve at every step of the way, be it coding, recruitment, communication.

Our CEO Arseniy Seroka was recently interviewed by Website Planet, one of the leading content portals and review centres for those who want to build a new website or improve an existing one.

In the interview, Arseniy talks about the story of the company, its unique features, and the mission of Serokell. He points out that we all in the company work to make great things happen and improve with every step. Another significant mission of Serokell, says our CEO, is to support talented young scientists and give them the space and environment to work on outstanding projects.

To fulfil this mission, Serokell also acts as a sponsor of various contests and events. For example, our company supports the computer laboratory based at the ITMO university along with such companies as JetBrains, Yandex, Group, and Tinkoff.

Arseniy also shares his view on how he anticipates the future of software engineering. He believes that new stunning technologies will keep appearing, which means more talented people will use them to build products and services that change the world.

You can read the full interview on the Website Planet.

Thank you, Website Planet, for the opportunity to spread the voice and share our values with your readers!

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