We Are Hiring a Haskell Team Lead

Serokell is a fast-growing, fully-remote software development company that works on innovative solutions for complex problems in fields like biotech and data science. We’re packed full of adventurous, curious, and inclusive folks that want to build cutting-edge software with modern technologies like functional programming.

We’re seeking an experienced software engineer to supervise a team of Haskell developers. Our work is not only limited to Haskell development, so you will sometimes have to delve into and supervise other fantastic things, such as research, frontend, or packaging.


Your primary responsibility will be to be the leader of a Haskell devotee team; the person eager to review solutions, advise, and propose your own ideas.

As a team lead, you will be responsible for:

  • weekly status updates and monthly reports to the customer
  • reviewing PRs and modifying code if necessary
  • assessing every member of your team by providing fair feedback
  • helping team members achieve their career goals
  • evaluating top candidates in case of team expansion
  • supervising research in the project you’re leading


  • solid understanding of Haskell or a strong will to learn it
  • previous experience with managing software development teams
  • spine of steel for robust software development
  • capacity to review a lot of code
  • determination to manage issues
  • openness to new languages – be it Elixir, OCaml, or TypeScript.

Last but not least! We hope you like Nix as much as we do. We use Nix for plenty of things, although we do sometimes use other platforms like Docker too. Luckily, we have a dedicated team of Nix experts who are always happy to help.

By joining Serokell, you’ll become a part of a warm community of ingenious engineers, computer scientists, designers, marketing experts, and other inventive people. You will be able to take part in ambitious projects that work on building the next generation of computer software, try out crazy initiatives unhindered by bureaucracy or judgment, and have fun in our Slack channels that range from #music to #butthurt (did we mention the huge custom emoji set?).

If you’re ready for the adventure of your life, contact us via email: jobs@serokell.io.

We Are Hiring a Haskell Team Lead
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