Serokell at ZuriHac 2021

Last weekend, we participated in ZuriHac 2021.

ZuriHac is the the biggest Haskell hackathon in the world – an event gathering together Haskellers from all around the world to hack on various community projects. This year, it was run online, and we were proud to be one of the sponsors.

Our track consisted of two talks.

Dependency Analysis of Haskell Declarations

In our first talk of the day, Artem Kuznetsov from our GHC team presented a talk on dependency analysis in GHC. He explored how GHC analyzes Haskell code to type-check it in the correct order, showed the flaws of the current implementation, and took a look at what a future algorithm might look like.

How to Make the Most out of Servant

In the second talk of the day, our former employee and friend Maxim Koltsov presented servant-util, a collection of batteries for Servant – the most popular web framework in Haskell. He demonstrated how to add sorting, filtering, pagination and more to your API in practically no time, along with optional DB integration via Beam.

ZuriHac 2021 was great fun, and as always, we’re glad to participate. To watch other videos from the hackathon, you can go to the ZuriHac YouTube channel.

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