#SerokellChat on April 28th!

Serokell will be hosting its first-ever Twitter chat on 28th April at 2 PM GMT.

Our first special guest will be Serokell CTO Kirill Elagin, answering questions about the benefits of Haskell and how to grow as a Haskeller. If you are in the beginning or middle of your Haskell journey, this is an excellent opportunity to ask questions on things you should master to become a top-tier Haskell developer (and land a job at Serokell 😉).

Twitter chat

What is a Twitter chat?

It’s quite simple. Join us at the #SerokellChat hashtag next Tuesday from 2 PM–3 PM GMT, and participate in a discussion about Haskell with other Haskell enthusiasts and Serokell employees that work on actual production grade Haskell code.

We will post 6 questions to start off the discussion, and you are welcome to express your opinion (which we highly value!) on these topics and discuss them with our special guest.

Book the time in your calendars, follow us on Twitter, and see you at #SerokellChat!

#SerokellChat on April 28th!
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