Serokell Takes First Place at TON Contest

On November 15, 2019, Telegram announced the winning submissions for their TON smart contract contest. In the contest, participants were asked to create at least one of the smart contracts from a list of five contracts that was provided.

The first place and $28,750 was taken by this submission. If you have been following our blog, it might look familiar.

Serokell takes the largest prize at TON smart contracts contest

Our team of five of the Serokell’s finest submitted two smart contracts for Telegram Open Network:

  1. Asynchronous payment channel in FunC with a CLI in Fift. Asynchronous payment channel enables participants to send payments to each other off-chain while still guaranteeing the final settlement.
  2. Multisignature wallet with TVM assembler embedded in Haskell. Multisignature wallet enables the funds on an address to be accessed only if multiple signatures by multiple private keys are provided.

You can read more about the technical details of the solutions in this blog post by one of the participants, our CTO Kirill Elagin.

Hard work pays off

The participants from Serokell’s side were: our CTO, one of our team-leads, and three experienced blockchain developers well-versed with Haskell and other functional programming languages.

Our team for the TON contest. Everybody did amazing, thanks!

All in all, we tracked 380 hours on this project including meetings, getting to know documentation, and development.

Hackathon that breeds innovation

There were a lot of impressive submissions from other teams as well. TON is one of the more promising projects in the blockchain space, and it is wonderful to see many great minds working on it already.

At the end, we would like to thank Telegram for the experience. In the words of Kirill:

This spirit of a hackathon, close teamwork, the need to quickly dive into a new technology – I think all engineers know how exciting it is.

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