• Blockchain vs. DLT: What's The Difference?
    Blockchain vs. DLT: What's The Difference?
    The terms “blockchain” and “distributed ledger technology (DLT)” are very often used as synonyms. Guess what? They're not.
  • Serokell Takes First Place at Telegramm Contest
    Serokell Takes First Place at TON Contest
    The results of the TON smart contracts contest are out, and our team has got the largest cash award. In this article, we give a brief intro to our submission and talk about our experience during the contest.
  • Libra: Politically Correct Review
    Libra: Politically Correct Review
    If you’ve been on the Internet the last few days, you’ve probably heard of Libra, Facebook’s new venture into blockchain technology. Their goals are far-reaching — “to enable a simple global currency and financial infrastructure that empowers billions of people”. In this article, we review their recently released white paper.
  • Trees that Melt
    Trees that Melt: Use of AVL Tree in Blockchains
    In modern blockchains, if some node wants to verify a block, it either has to be a full node storing the whole network state, or it has to continuously ask some remote storage for various parts of it. Each of these solutions possesses either inconveniences (storing 100+ GB of data) or risks (the storage forging the data it sends you).