• Stay Tuned: Best Haskell Sources to Subscribe
    Stay Tuned: Best Haskell Sources to Follow
    Aside from various courses and books, your self-education can be supplemented by following the bright heads of the Haskell world. For some ideas, we want to share the sources that enable us to keep our hands on the pulse.
  • Learning Haskell: A Resource Guide
    Learning Haskell: A Resource Guide
    Want to learn Haskell? From entry-level books and courses to blogs and podcasts, our developers have selected the best resources for this purpose.
  • Haskell. History of a Community-Powered Language
    Haskell. History of a Community-Powered Language
    Did you know that Haskell is a language with over 30 years of history? Denis Oleynikov recounts the whole story, from start to Haskell Prime.
  • Haskell: A Functional Love Story
    Haskell: A Functional Love Story
    Serokell software engineer Ilya Peresadin tells how he became a Haskell fan, what drives him to be a teacher and a developer at the same time, and why it is essential to share knowledge with young people.
  • Dimensions and Haskell: Singletons in Action
    Dimensions and Haskell: Singletons in Action
    How to reduce the debugging time and make programs less error-prone while working with matrices in Haskell? There can be several solutions. This article presents a way of lifting the dimensions to the type level.
  • Serokell Contributions to the Next Generation
    Serokell Contributions to the Next Generation
    We at Serokell believe in self-development and practical appliance of latest scientific inventions, that’s why we support students and gladly hire young specialists. We feel that our position is not only beneficial for business but also makes the world a better place.
  • Best Haskell Conferences to Attend
    Best Haskell Conferences to Attend
    Technical conferences are a perfect place for developers to broaden their professional horizons and meet new people. In this article, we will tell you about the most interesting Haskell events.
  • Parsing Typed eDSL
    Parsing Typed eDSL
    Embedded DSL (or eDSL) is a popular technique for encoding your domain specific language into Haskell’s type system. One example of such DSL is Ivory – eDSL for C code generation. Even more often it’s useful to implement your DSL as a Haskell data type and interpret it right from Haskell.
  • Dimensions and Haskell: Introduction
    Dimensions and Haskell: Introduction
    A review of matrix and numerical libraries in order to understand which array libraries are useful for machine learning in Haskell and which approaches to type-level natural numbers might be applied to safe matrix dimensions.
  • Three Months of Hustle
    Three Months of Hustle: Serokell Q1 2019 Report
    We started the new 2019 year with intensive work in all areas. Only three months have passed, but we can already say with confidence: this is a year of significant changes.
  • Trees that Melt
    Trees that Melt: Use of AVL Tree in Blockchains
    In modern blockchains, if some node wants to verify a block, it either has to be a full node storing the whole network state, or it has to continuously ask some remote storage for various parts of it. Each of these solutions possesses either inconveniences (storing 100+ GB of data) or risks (the storage forging the data it sends you).
  • Haskell logo
    Why Dependent Haskell is the Future of Software Development
    Hi, I’m Vladislav Zavialov. For the last couple of months, my job at Serokell has been to lead our efforts to improve our primary tool – the Glasgow Haskell Compiler (GHC). I’m focusing on making th…
  • Haskell logo
    Introduction to Tagless Final
    Recently, my team decided to implement an eDSL using the tagless final style for one of the new projects..
  • Haskell logo
    Signal Processing in Haskell
    Hi, my name is Rinat Stryungis. I work at Serokell on Ariadne’s backend, and although it is an interesting wallet project for Cardano (and other cryptocurrencies), today I would like to tell you abo…