• Serokell at LCFS 2020
    Serokell at LCFS 2020
    On the 7th of January, Danya Rogozin participated in the conference Logical Foundation of Computer Science, Miami, Deerfield Beach. LFCS is a logical and computer science conference, topics of whic…
  • Serokell at Web Summit 2019
    Serokell at Web Summit 2019
    If you are at least somewhat familiar with what happens in the world of global tech, you know Web Summit..
  • Nix Conference, October 2019, Brno
    Serokell at NixCon 2019
    On October 25-27, we participated and were gold sponsors in NixCon 2019, a community-oriented conference for Nix and NixOS. NixCon is one of our most favourite events, one to which we keep returnin…
  • Serokell at TQuorum NY 2019
    Serokell at TQuorum NY 2019
    At the end of September, we participated in the main Tezos event of the year: TQuorum Global Summit New York..
  • TQuorum Berlin
    Serokell at TQuorum Berlin
    At the end of August, our team participated in the Berlin edition of TQuorum, a global gathering of Tezos developers and enthusiasts with a strong focus on building on Tezos..
  • Serokell at ZuriHac 2019
    Serokell at ZuriHac 2019
    We participated in ZuriHac, the biggest Haskell Hackathon in the world. During the event, organized a Morley workshop together with the Tocqueville Group.
  • Serokell at FPure 2019
    Serokell at FPure 2019
    After the FPure conference in Kazan, we selected the most interesting Twitter reactions and summarised them here.